1770. The Chautagne area is still under Sardinian rule when the French Revolution begins...
Stone masons, stone cutters, carpenters are finishing the construction of this fortified house, a part of which was bequeathead to us by our ancestors. With the passing years, the house suffered from being divided up and converted into smaller properties. It had sadly fallen into disrepair when our family started to laboriously reunify the whole house, each generation leaving its mark.
Since 1980, we have been renovating and buying outbuildings essential for its reconstruction. Old stones have reappeared from behind many layers of stucco. Roofs tiles have been cleaned and reinstalled, garrets have become bedrooms, ancient sculleries are now bathrooms and the cowsheds have been converted into recreation areas.
In times past, an inside courtyard was alive with daily country life. Now, an inviting garden cum flowered patio invites a relaxed atmosphere!
We have invested all our passions in restoring memories which are very dear to us. This is a dream we would like to share with guests who wil appreciate old stonework and impressions of the past.
Surrounded by two beautiful mountains, the Clergeon (1025 m) and Grand Colombier (1531 m), our 18 th century fortified house nestles in the peaceful hamlet of Chessine in the heart of the Chautagne wine area (AOC Savoie), just a few kilometers away from Lac du Bourget and the Rhône river.
The Abbaye Royale de Hautecombe, the Château de Clermont and the charming village of Chanaz on the banks of the Savières canal are a prelude to discovering Aix-les-Bains, Chambery, Annecy and the Bugey region.
Various sports are available on nearby sites and lakes. Sign posted foot paths (GR9, GR65) on the mountains and through nearby a poplar plantation will further tempt you to go hiking or biking.
For those of a more daring nature, there are paragliding, hand-gliding, mountain climbing and roller rinks available.
FACIM guides enable you to discover the architectural, wine-producing and country life heritage.
Numerous restaurants offering a vast selection of local cuisine can be found within a 10 km radius, in quaint villages or by the waterside.
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